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Interested in amping up your smile game? From brightening, straightening, to total smile design, we love collaborating with you to create a beautiful smile that is uniquely yours!

Cosmetic Bondig


Tooth colored fillings can be used to help recontour, re-enhance and restore the front teeth for a natural appearance! Composites can mimic the lifelike appearance of natural teeth and keep things conservative. If you are looking to enhance your smile without veneers, composite bonding may be a great choice for you.

What to Expect

This procedure may take 1-3 visits, depending on the complexity of the case. For localized small enhancements, we are usually able to treat you in one visit. For larger areas or multiple areas, a diagnostic visit may be needed where photos and molds of your teeth are taken for smile design prior to treatment. All aspects of your teeth will be analyzed (including your bite) to ensure the best esthetic and functional outcome. 



If you’re looking to correct or enhance the appearance of one or more teeth, we suggest veneers. They are very thin, porcelain or resin shells that you can customize in color and shape to achieve a natural and beautiful smile.



What to Expect

The veneer process takes a minimum of 3 visits, but may take up to 5 visits. 


1st Visit

The initial visit is a diagnostic exam. After a thorough discussion with you, we will take several photos of your teeth, smile, and overall facial profile. We will then take a putty mold of your teeth and record measurements of your teeth, lip line, shade and more. Using all the information gathered in the first visit, we will design your new smile. 


2nd Visit (two weeks later)

At the second visit we will present to you the proposed design. We will then minimally prepare the teeth if necessary and transfer this design to your mouth. You will be able to ‘test’ out this trial version for a few days to see how you like it.


3rd Visit

Your teeth will be minimally contoured and a final putty impression will be taken. You will go home with temporary veneers.


4th Visit (two weeks later)

At your final visit, the permanent porcelain veneers will be tried in for fit and aesthetics. We will then carefully cement the veneers to your teeth. Extra care will be given to remove all excess cement. 


5th Visit (two weeks later)

Follow up visit. We will check to see that your gums have healed and final photographs will be taken. 




Yellow teeth keeping you dull? Don't worry, we got you! Professional teeth whitening is faster, more effective, and longer lasting that treatments you find over the counter. As we age, our teeth darken over time. We can brighten your teeth by several shades in a single session, but maintaining good oral hygiene and steering away from certain foods and beverages will help keep any future whitening services to a minimum. 

At Smile Aurora Dental, we have several options for you ranging from take-home professional whitening systems to laser whitening to the latest GLO Science whitening system. We will be happy to discuss the different treatments with you!

Take-Home Whitening

Whiten your teeth at your own pace at home! An impression is taken to make a specialized tray to hold the bleach against the teeth. The material is used each night for one to two weeks. Because you have control of bleach exposure time, we highly recommend this for our most sensitive patients. Best of all, you can keep your trays and touch-up whenever you need to!

Laser Whitening

We are happy to provide you with the latest innovation of whitening: laser whitening! This in-office treatment uses the heat of lasers to enhance and speed up the whitening process. Because of the shorter duration of teeth being exposed to the bleaching agent, patients tend to report of less sensitivity than traditional in-office whitening treatments. Patients usually see improvements in just 30 minutes, making this procedure a popular choice for those on the go!

**We recommend at least two in-office whitening visits for the whitest effect.

GLO Science Whitening 

This one hour treatment combines the power of GLO warming heat and light with high concentration, professional strength whitening gel to get your pearly whites! GLO Science innovation has been designed to eliminate problems of sensitivity. The whitening gel is alcohol- and carbamide peroxide-free. Those ingredients commonly cause sensitivity and dry out the gums. GLO Gel does not migrate onto gums and other soft tissue. It is thixotropic—meaning it stays in place – so you get a whiter smile without discomfort.



Are you interested in straightening your teeth, but not thrilled about getting metal wires?  You might want to consider clear alignment. Clear alignment is the treatment of moving teeth with removable clear trays. Patients love this treatment because it is unnoticeable once worn and easier to maintain oral hygiene. We are partnered with Invisalign and ClearCorrect, the two largest and most prominent providers of clear aligners. 

What to Expect

The first visit will consist of a thorough evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for clear alignment treatment. We will take a scan of your teeth as well as several photos of your teeth to send to the clear alignment lab of your choice. Once sent, it will take roughly 2-3 weeks for Dr. Kim and the lab to formulate the best treatment plan for you. Your second visit will be a short appointment where we present to you the treatment plan. At this appointment, we will be able to inform you of the approximate length of treatment,  the modifications that will be done on teeth, and a preview of the final alignment. The third visit will be the actual delivery of your retainers! As discussed in the previous visit, any modifications on teeth if needed will be completed and the first set of trays will be provided to you. 

You will be instructed to wear each set of trays for approximately 1-2 weeks, for 22 hours out of the 24 hour day. Typically we see our patients once every month until treatment is completed. At the end of the treatment, if any final refinements need to made, a refinement phase will be completed. 

After any orthodontic treatment, it is imperative to get fitted with a permanent set of retainers as teeth like to rebound back to their original state. 



The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is a minimally invasive option for treating gum recession. Unlike traditional grafting techniques, PST is incision and suture free. Gum recession refers to the loss of gum tissue along the gumline. 

When gum recession occurs, the root structure of the tooth becomes exposed. This means that tooth decay and other problems can affect the teeth along the gumline and beneath it. Since healthy gums are essential for a healthy mouth, getting gum recession treated is important for lasting dental wellness.

What to Expect

This treatment requires a total of 6 visits.


The first visit consists of a detailed examination of your recession site. We will be taking photographs as well as measurements to accurately record your current state.


The second visit is surgery day! During the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique, a needle is used to make a small hole in the patient’s existing gum tissue. Through this pinhole, special instruments are used to gently loosen the gum tissue. These tools help expand and slide the gumline to cover the exposed root structure. There are no grafts, no sutures, and no incisions needed with the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. It simply involves the adjustment of the existing tissue.


Your third, fourth, fifth, and sixth visit will all be quick follow up recall visits at specific time intervals to monitor your healing and document treatment outcome. 


Patients report minimal to no post-operative pain and as long as they follow our post operative care instructions (the list is quite extensive!), we have found excellent results!



Doctors have used lasers for years to provide better care for their patients. Now, we can offer the benefits of advanced laser technology for your dental care with the EPIC laser. The EPIC laser was developed by BIOLASE, Inc., the world leader in dental lasers. We use the EPIC laser in our office for a variety of treatments such as: laser bacterial decontamination after dental cleaning, removal of tissue growth, frenectomy (tongue tie), laser teeth whitening, gum recontouring, pain therapy, and treatment of cold sores and canker sores. 


Laser Bacterial Decontamination
The EPIC laser gum treatment is a relatively painless procedure that removes inflamed areas and infected tissue from inside the gums. Improved healing of the gum tissue follows after treatment along with proper oral care. 


Removal of Tissue Growth

The EPIC laser system may be used to remove small “tags” called papillomas and growths called fibromas, that result from cheek or tongue traumatic bite. 


Frenectomy (Tongue Tie)

Tissue connections that restrict the movement

of your tongue affecting your speech or cause gum recession can be “released” with the EPIC laser. Patients who choose EPIC will also experience less bleeding.


Gum Recontour

With EPIC, it is possible to improve the appearance of your smile by shaping the gums, known as

laser soft tissue gingval contouring. The laser safely removes excess gum tissue that may give you

a “gummy” smile, or makes your front teeth appear irregular in size or shape. 


Cold Sore & Canker sore Treatment

The EPIC laser is able to treat as well as decrease the amount of healing time when sores arise! This is an excellent treatment for patients that are searching for a non pharmacological method of treatment. 


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